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Clean, Sanitize, and Deodorize

Santastic Can Cleaning tackles the nasty dirt & germs in your rollaway trash bins, dumpsters, and chutes, leaving them clean, fresh, sanitized, and deodorized.

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It’s definitely time to call Santastic Cans

Santastic Can Cleaning defeats odor-causing germs and bacteria to ensure extra cleanliness at your home or business. You can count on us to provide you with the peace of mind (and nose) that you need.

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Unexpected Guests on Your Property?

Santastic Can Cleaning knocks out the gooey grime and microbes in your dumpsters and trash chutes that can lead to undesirable pests and vermin like insects and rodents taking over your receptacles!

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Wilmington Trash Can Cleaning and Dumpster Cleaning Services in NC.

Trash Cart Roll-In and Roll-Out Services in NC.

Proudly Serving Brunswick and New Hanover Counties!

Be The First To Have Your Can Cleaned

residential trash can cleaning


Wilmington trash can cleaning is here! Tired of a smelly, dirty, germy trash can? Santastic Can Cleaning can have your can smelling rosy in no time.  All you have to do is leave your can out by the road on trash day and by that evening we will have it squeaky clean, sanitized, and deodorized.  No more holding your nose or getting your hands dirty to take out the trash. Let us do the dirty work, so your can is Santastic!  In Wilmington, trash can cleaning couldn't be any easier!  Just sign up for service and leave your trash can out on your normal day of pickup, for a fresh clean can, every time!

HOA Trash Can Cleaning


Looking for dumpster cleaning? No matter how big or small your restaurant, business, or retail space, we can customize a program to meet your needs. We’ll clean your dumpster or trash cans with our unique self-contained system and dispose of the dirty waste water in a water treatment facility. All you’re left with is a clean, sanitized, and deodorized garbage can. Contact Santastic Can Cleaning today to get your quote on Wilmington NC dumpster cleaning or garbage can cleaning today.

HOA dumpster cleaning

HOA/Property Managers

Keep your neighborhood clean and beautiful while showing your residents and visitors how much you care about their well-being, safety, and health with our Wilmington NC trash can cleaning system. It's a win-win for the community as well as the residents. We service apartment complexes as well as HOA's, regardless of size for all dumpster cleaning or residential trash can cleaning needs. Contact Santastic Can Cleaning today for you custom quote. 

Trash Cart Roll-In Roll-Out

Trash Cart Roll-In Roll-Out

Trash Carts in your neighborhood or streets out of place or not returned to their designated locations in a timely fashion? Property Managers HOA's, POA's Towns and Municipalities contact us here at Santastic Cans for your custom quote for Trash Cart Roll-In and Roll-Out Services. 

Choose Your Service Plan

Trash Cleaning Pricing


12 Cleanings / Year

  • 1 Bin: $15.95
  • 2 Bins: $23.95
  • 3 Bins: $31.95
  • 4 Bins $39.95


4 Cleanings / Year

  • 1 Bin: $29.95
  • 2 Bins: $37.95
  • 3 Bins: $45.95
  • 4 Bins $53.95

Seasonal Beach Rental

April - September

  • 1 Bin: $19.95
  • 2 Bins: $29.95
  • 3 Bins: $39.95
  • 4 Bins: $49.95

One-Time Cleaning

$59.95 / Bin

  • 1 Bin: $59.95
  • 2 Bins: $69.95
  • 3 Bins: $79.95
  • 4 Bins $89.95

Dumpster Cleaning Pricing


12 Cleanings / Year

  • 1 Dumpster: $200.00


6 Cleanings / Year

  • 1 Dumpster: $250.00


4 Cleanings / Year

  • 1 Dumpster: $275.00


2 Cleanings / Year

  • 1 Dumpster: $300.00


1 Cleaning

  • 1 Dumpster: $350.00

Our Service Area

Santastic Cans Wilmington Service Area

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